Princess Inn, Sint Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean


Luxury apartments in historic Statia


Oranjestad is the pittoresque historic town and capital of Statia; a small island hidden in the Caribbean. Statia is also known as the historical gem of the Dutch Caribbean, due to many of its historical artifacts still intact.
Besides being historical, Statia is an untouched beauty, engulfed by plush nature.
At the peak of the island lies a dormant volcano ‘The Quill’, when hiked, deep in its crater, you will find a natural habitat with a semi-tropical climate of its own.

Princess Inn is located in Oranjestad, with just three minutes walk away from the historical heart of town, where you will find supermarkets and corner stores. Along with Caribbean, Asian and local restaurants and bars.

This, and the 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens, gives Princess Inn a perfect accommodation for families and groups. Also, an ideal spot for divers, by having Scubaqua and Golden Rock Dive Centers a stroll away.
With its large spacious rooms, it is easy to maneuver with diving equipment and other belongings. Providing indoor and outdoor storage, you can enjoy a gear free living area.

In 2020 the house is completely renovated with a modern interior. The house is luxury furnished and fully equipped, to meet your daily necessities.

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